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About us and Products


AtumJackal NFT

Atum has created 2500 unique NFT, this NFT can be minted with MATIC token directly from our Dapp called AtumJackals NFT.



ATUMMarket is a dApp store where people on our platform can gain access to multiple NFT- based games to play and earn or normal NFT from our collection. Players can buy and sell their gaming assets in the ATUM Market and sell their winning NFTs as well.

Metaverse objects and goods

Atum AR Metaverse

We will use our mobile device to scan the real world for summoning place in Atum AR Metaverse. We can trade it for another NFT with the same Rarity but a different design or sell this NFT on ATUMMarket.

Atum Plots

ATUM Plots

In the ATUM Plots players have their own unique NFT Land which they can upgrade with ATUM Coins. For example, upgrades can include anything from Buildings to Trees.

Atum Exchange


ATUMSwap is a decentralized exchange that works like an exchange entity on our platform. Users buy ATUM Coins directly and also convert their winning rewards to another currency.

Atum is a platform where our ecosystem hosts multiple dApps integrated with the Metaverse world called ATUM. In the ATUM ecosystem you are not only able to play, but you can also enjoy the immersive experience in the Metaverse world. Our vision is to change the traditional web3. ATUM integrates the metaverse and blockchain, providing a completely decentralized experience that gives users and creators direct ownership of their NFT or in-game items in an ecosystem that is completely transparent and tamper-proof. ATUM provides its users with a completely secure and limitless immersive experience.

AtumCoin Tokenomics

The total maximum supply of ATUM tokens that will be created is 192,000,000 (192 Million). AtumCoin are based on the ERC20 smart contract standard and run on Multichain such as Polygon / Ethereum .

Chart with Distribution

Total coins burned at launch

Atum Roadmap


Website deployment / Telegram and Twitter / Talk to big influencers
10% of total supply BURN / Pinksale PRESALE ✔️


Twitter Marketing Campaign / CMC and CG / Platform trending
Exchange listing / AtumNFT collection + Mint dApp 🔄


Build more international Telegram communities / Charity relief / YouTube ads
ATUMMarket dApp / ATUMSwap dApp / Cooperation with local government agencies 🔄


Expand more support objects / Global Media Outreach
Atum AR Metaverse / ATUM Plots dApp / More exchanges 🔄

Meet our team

Tudor Chirita(Founder / Developer)
Global Manager
Alina Sim (Co-Founder / Head of Marketing)